Welcome to Boot Em Up Designs – Unique, versatile and durable boot jewelry you’ll love!

Boot Em Up Designs caters to the needs of the stylish, modern woman looking for ways to dress up her boots and creating a style all her own, allowing her to feel good about herself while looking great in the process.

A Style That’s Yours

Glamour1All my boot jewelry products are artistically designed and masterfully handcrafted to perfectly compliment the look you’re going for with your boots. My boot jewelry is nothing short of wearable works of art – with all the time, creativity, effort and craftsmanship that goes into the creation of each product. When you wear my boot jewelry, you’re making a statement in terms of individuality, fashion and style. You’re sure to stand out from the crowd and exude the confidence and personality that will make everyone take a second look …and maybe even a third.


Here at Boot Em Up Designs, I  understand that boots are most often worn during the winter months and may not be much use once winter season ends. What’s great about my unique, custom jewelry is that even if you don’t feel like wearing boots, you can still wear them to complement your look!  My beautiful boot jewelry can be worn as necklace and in some cases even as a belt! Just think of it as providing three times more value than any other regular piece of jewelry you can only use for a single purpose. Now, isn’t that amazing?


Boot Em Up Designs designs, hand crafts and sells boot jewelry that’s not just stylish, elegant and versatile, but are also durable. Here at Boot Em Up Designs, I  make sure that the quality of my products are at such a high level that you can benefit from their use for many years to come. Each product is meticulously hand crafted to ensure that all parts of the jewelry are strongly built and are tough enough to endure daily use.

My metals are lead free, nickel free, alloy, stainless and wherever possible,  I soldered each piece so that they are as durable as I can make them to ensure that you have a long lasting product. I use natural suede and leather. Each piece may vary slightly in color. Many of my pieces are unique. Once pieces are sold, they may not be available again for duplication due to the inability to get the product which in itself makes them very unique.

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