DesignerSpider1Welcome to Boot Em Up Designs – Turn your boots into something totally new any time you want to. A single pair of boots will morph into a creation when you add different pieces of my boot jewelry to them.

Born and raised in South Africa, my designs are influenced by my heritage. I love mixing a variety of metals, woods, ceramics, glass, natural suedes, leathers where the result is rugged yet elegant.

Africa1I purchase, design and make each piece by hand. I solder all the metals that I use to make them as durable as possible. My jewelry is also very versatile, in that coupled with an 8 inch extension, the majority of my boot jewelry can be used as a necklace year round. Many of the metal chain boot jewelry can have triple value, not only can they be used as a necklace but also a belt.

IMG_6075 IMG_6073I design, make and sell a unique, versatile durable Boot Jewelry. As I love boots and love jewelry the only thing missing was putting the two together. I started the business about 1 & 1/2 years ago after my husband encouraged me to make jewelry for my boots. It was when I made my first one that I found out I was totally in love with the concept. I began making and selling at home based parties and then started showing at various events before becoming a juried vendor for the Avant Garde Arts and Crafts group. The jewelry I make appeals to a wide range of individuals. Anyone looking for a new unique gift or that someone looking for that special piece for themselves.

Africa2The majority of my customers are women and children who love wearing boots and love jewelry. Combining that love of jewelry and boots allows my clientele to enjoy the jewelry year round by wearing on boots in the winter months and as a necklace all year.

A  Juried member of the Avant-Garde Arts and Crafts group.

Recently featured on Channel 4 News, interviewed by Monica Day where Monica wore one of my pieces as Boot Jewelry, a necklace as well as a belt,  showing not only its durability but also its versatility.


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