Multi-Heart – $27.50

Teal Strand
Teal Strand – $27.50

Spikes – $27.50


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Welcome to Boot Em Up Designs – Unique boot jewelry that’s in a style all your own. Each piece is carefully selected, designed, assembled, soldered and completed with love.

Looking good and feeling good about yourself are two things that go together perfectly. When you look good, there’s an undeniable feeling of happiness, pride and confidence that further adds to your positive vibe. Feeling good and looking good are not limited to loving the skin you’re in, it also has a lot to do with what clothes you wear, what shoes you wear, what jewelry you wear and how well they complement your look, style and personality.

All over the world, women have developed a special affinity for boots. This stylish, but very useful type of footwear brings out one’s sense of style and personality. Now, if only there was a way to accessorize and personalize these boots then it would surely take your style and individuality to the next level…

If you’re into fashion jewelry and love wearing boots, then there’s only one thing missing – wearing them together! If you’re wondering how that’s possible, just have a look at my outstanding selection of specially designed, handcrafted boot jewelry. Every piece of jewelry in my collection is designed, handmade and sold by yours truly. My objective when creating these wonderful wearable works of art is to bring out your style, personality and individuality. I want my customers to feel good about themselves while looking great at the same time.

What’s great about the boot jewelry I make is the fact they’re truly remarkable, unique elements you can wear on your boots. Even if you’re not a boot lover, you can still enjoy wearing my handcrafted jewelry! Each boot jewelry doubles as a necklace, by itself due to its 5” attached extender or you can add an additional 8” extender for an even more stylish longer necklace and many of the chains can even be worn as a belt!

If you’re looking for the next big thing in fashion and making a style statement that’s all your own, there’s no need to look anywhere else. Browse through the outstanding boot jewelry I have in my selection and enjoy the look, feel and versatility of these one-of-a-kind handmade, durable, wearable works of art!

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